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VALUE is a research project on Antennas for LTE frequency bands


Funding: PEst-OE/EEI/LA0008/2013


Duration: September 2014 - August 2016





4TELL - Mobile Systems Group

Issa Elfergani

Jonathan Rodriguez

Abubakar Hussaini


António Navarro

Pedro Pinho


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The overall key challenges of VALUE include:

  • Employment of folded dipole arm structures and meander-lines techniques to design innovative and minimised antenna structure, with the required bandwidth and moderate gain, especially at the low frequency band of 700MHz.

  • Designs of balanced antennas which have predictable and reliable antenna performance with respect to the presence of the human body in the vicinity of the handset. Bandwidth, radiation pattern, gain and SAR are all important parameters to be analysed.

  • Designing a novel balanced antenna with small magnetic field in the near field of the antenna, and with almost no current flowing on the ground plane, in order to greatly reduce SAR.

  • Extending the capabilities of the balanced antenna concept and investigation of techniques which can produce multiband balanced antennas for LTE application at 700MHz and 2600MHz bands for use in mobile handsets.

  • Enhancing the antenna efficiency in both free-space and in normal use. This will increase the battery life of mobile phones.